Men’s Fashion Summer 2015 – the Hack, Zara and Scotch & Soda

by | February 14, 2017

Zara running emo and notch dominates

As we noted earlier, it is this year’s hottest trend, the casual style. It is very patterned T-shirts and shorts in years. But Hackett goes against the stream and delivers one of the year’s strongest collection. A line of clothing characterized by summer festivities.

Here are men’s fashion summer 2015 according to Hackett, Zara and Scotch & Soda.

The hack

Along with GANT Rugger tops notch list of our favorites when it comes to men’s fashion Summer 2015. They, like all the other continues the trend of the marine courage and spicear it up with some nice festive dressy clothes. A pretty damn happy and positive collection quite simple, not like Zara that goes all in on the emo-esteem.

You’ll find all the garments on Nick’s website

Scotch & Soda

A little unexpectedly investing Scotch & Soda great on jeans, it’s denim shorts, denim jackets and denim shirts, all garments that were dominant in 2013 and 2014. It is fun that they do not follow the current total, they keep the other hand, in pace with the others when it comes to style, this year it relaxed that apply.

All garments can be found at Scotch & Soda’s website


Of all the brands we keep track of before all seasons so is Zara arguably the weakest collection. They miss both the colors and the style quite unfortunately. They usually deliver really good men’s fashion, especially spring and summer collections. But this year falls unfortunately flat.