Mischa Barton Wears Well Thanks to Miss Me

Mischa Barton seems the antithesis of Victoria Beckham. This so emphatic statement do it based on the following: while the spouse of Beckham stands out for its great look dark and tight, the actress’s The O.C. you have to do it posing nearly nude for magazine Nylon. While Beckham It generates as many enemies as people who defends tooth and nail, Barton It seems that already it is bottoming out. The face and the cross.

But despite the fact that it is not at its best, Mischa Barton It gets to be in many places and talk of it always, even stars in the cover of the 20th anniversary of Marie Claire for the month of September. The fashion Miss Me you want to take advantage of that jerk and thought it to be a day on the cover of the media.

Mischa Barton dressed in Miss Me in the presentation that he organized the other day in Los Angeles. The model that appears in the image, is a red dress one-shoulder available fall season for $115.

The most curious are the statements made by the actress then:

This dress is beautiful. It would take him since alone or with leggings. I can’t believe that you are buying for the winter already! I’m not ready for this!

Apart from the great witness, is the fear of seeing it with leggings again and your sense of fashion. Why add to this dress leggings if you already is great? Mischa Barton again you get. It is, as the saying goes: “mona… Although dress of silk…”.

Before declaring that, saw the look that led to the presentation of the new line of Miss Me. A look where returned to attend the black leggings with a dress where not overshout so much, but that could well have looked without doing that for them. There is no who remove them.