Most Emotional for Amancio Ortega in His 80th Birthday Their Workers Create The Surprise

by | June 11, 2017

What you give to one of the men the world’s richest? The answer is rather complicated but in these cases touching the heartstrings is usually the main part to surprise and, of course, to thrill. Amancio Ortega was 80 years old on March 28 and as every day went to work in Arteixo (A Coruña) But what awaited him was very different, all workers (which are many) had prepared this special surprise.

When Amancio Ortega He went up the elevator was found with her daughter Marta, who accompanied him during metres from hall full of employees clapping to his boss, the most important of all. See what we have built over years of work and effort has to be really exciting but feel the love of the people who work for you perhaps do not have words to express it. I have to admit that I’ve been the first excited to watch this wonderful video, I don’t want to think that Amancio felt when we found all this.