Mostar Attractions and Tourist

Mostar attractions

Mostar is the birthplace of several well-known authors, and is also popular as an arena in several books, movies and television shows.

The city hosts several major festivals each year such as “Melodije Mostara” (Mostar Melodies) and the theater festivals Mostarska Liska (of the Croatian National Theater) and The International Festival of Author Poetics (of Mostar Youth Theater).

Stari Most in Mostar

The old stone bridge is the city’s pride. The bridge is located in the old town and is one of the highlights on UNESCO’s list. This is reflected in most postcards and posters from Mostar, and was built around the year 1567 by the Turkish occupation forces which then had control of the district. A stone fortress tower on each side was to protect the bridge.

The bridge connects Mostar’s two parts, located on either side of Bosnia’s largest river called Neretva. The bridge spans in a beautiful arch 24 meters above the water surface. This bridge span was the largest of its time, and the bridge is an architectural masterpiece. The bridge was destroyed by Croatian forces in 1993, but rebuilt and reopened in 2004.
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Old Bridge Museum in Mostar

Right by the bridge is the museum that tells the bridge’s history through exhibitions and video. Enjoy the great panoramic view from the top!

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Mostar bell tower

Legend has it that the bell tower was built by Fatima-kaduna Saric, and the tower is mentioned in a document from 1636.
The 250 kg heavy bell came into place in 1838.
The date of the Clock tower’s construction is unknown, but it is mentioned in a document from 1636 meaning that it was built even earlier than that. The base is 3.45 square meters and it is 15 meters high. The legend says it was built by Fatima-kaduna Saric. The 250 kg bell was ordered by the Vezir of Herzegovina Ali pasa Rizvanbegovic from Zadar in 1838. When Austro-Hungary took over it came to be used for military purposes. In 1981 it was returned to it’s original function.

Karadjoz-Bey Mosque in Mostar

The building is considered the most beautiful mosque in the region of Herzegovina and is also the largest.
Behind the building is the Turkish architect Kodza Mimar Sinan, and the mosque was erected in 1557.
Like many other buildings, the mosque was completely damaged during the Yugoslav war, but fortunately it has been rebuilt and rehabilitated.

Koski Mehmed Pasha’s mosque in Mostar

The mosque was completed in 1618 and is the second largest mosque in Mostar.
The building is located 150 meters north of the old bridge (Stari Most) and has a fantastic view over the old town.
The mosque has been rehabilitated following the damage of the Yugoslav war.

The Historical Museum of Mostar

Learn more about Mostar’s story through photography and video.
Opening hours 08:00 – 16:00 – closed on Mondays.

Muslibegovica The house in Mostar

The most beautiful house from the Ottoman period in the Balkans. The house is has amazing architecture and was built about 300 years ago. The house shows the inside of how a wealthy family lived at this time and also has a museum exhibit. Traditional cakes and drinks are also offered, and if you wish, you can also stay in the authentic surroundings.

You will find the Muslibegovica House right at the Karadjoz-Bey Mosque)
Opening hours April 15 – October 15 from 10:00 – 18:00

The tomb of Mostar

Right at the Karadjoz-Bey Mosque in the Old Town you will find a special tomb. When in 1993 they were in great need of burying the dead during the Yugoslav war, this park was transformed into a burial mound.

Other tombs in the area were unavailable due to the war, thus creating this untraditional park. A place for reflection.

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