Mozambique 1999

Yearbook 1999

Mozambique. In the summer, the International Monetary Fund, the IMF, and the World Bank found that Mozambique had met the criteria for obtaining foreign loans of $ 3.7 million. In recent years, extensive economic reforms have been implemented, which has led to an increase in foreign investment and led to economic growth of over ten percent a year.

Visit Countryaah official website to get information about the capital city of Mozambique. Presidential and general elections were held in early December when FRELIMO (Frente de Libertação de Mozambique) received 68%. This meant that FRELIMO got 133 seats in parliament, an increase of four seats. The opposition party, RENAMO (Resistencia Nacional Mozambicana), in coalition with eleven small parties, received 39% of the vote, which corresponded to 117 seats in parliament. President Joaquim Alberto Chissano was re-elected with just over 52% of the vote, while his RENAMO rival, Afonso Marcela Masacho Dlakama, had to settle for 48%.

Map of Mozambique Maputo in English

After the Election Commission had published the results at the end of December after a several-week long and controversial vote count, RENAMO accused FRELIMO of electoral fraud and announced its intention to take the case before the Supreme Court. The turnout was close to 70%, and the elections were overseen by some seventy international observers with former US President Jimmy Carter in the lead.

Mozambique – Maputo


Maputo, until 1976 Lourenço Marques, capital of Mozambique; 1. 1 million residents (2017). Maputo, located on the Indian Ocean, was, before independence in 1975, a popular seaside resort for white South Africans and Rhodesians. The port is one of East Africa’s most important, and within the industry are breweries, shipyards and the cement, textile, furniture and ceramics industries. Maputo has a university (founded in 1962).

The city was founded in 1545 and gained city rights in 1887. It was the administrative center of the colony, called Lourenço Marques, and became the capital after independence in 1975 with the name Maputo.

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