My Favorite Outfit: Gala Nietzsche

I’ve had a busy week (papers there, papers here…), and I have a few events this weekend;). That and my cross stitch zombies have me sucked the brain XD. But I promised that we would have set favorite this week and here we have it. This great collection has provided by Gala Nietzche, for which I am grateful a lot their participation. I loved the coat, the torerita is a monad, and that lip color is fabulous.

For the coming week will have list my entry on “Steam Goth”, new Gothic interview, and other interesting things (I do not forget the giveaway, is only that I have not dedicated to him). I wish you a happy weekend to all. As always, thousands of thanks for reading, to participate and to interest you on the blog.

Hello Madame Macabre!: I saw your section my favorite outfit and I loved it. I have used this set at the concert of Alien Vampires, as well as a celebration of the day of the dead costumes. I bought the corset and Red skirt at the Tianguis cultural del Chopo of. Black gabardine acquired it in the same place with the exception of the black bull-fighting, which I bought at the store of alternative fashion, Nosferatu, located on Santo Domingo Street in the historic center of Mexico City.

I like this set because corset enhances the female body, in particular, hip and neck. I painted nails me with tone red passion brand Bissue varnish. Also use lipstick brand Viva natura in red wine. I bought the boots in the market of shoes from la Lagunilla, located in the historic centre. This set I really like because the corset is a female garment sexy, which if you know combined with garments and proper accessories, resulting in an outfit sexy, elegant and charming. For these reasons, this is my favorite. Thank you for creating this space for us Madame Macabre.