New In: Weekday “Love” Shirts & The Thing With The Partner Look.

by | March 16, 2017

I think we’ve discussed this eternal Partnerlook problem here now already three times. Some had romantic feelings for this public display of togetherness or zueinander belonging, others feel nothing but naked hatred when looking at couples and best girlfriends in the same Mickey Mouse sweater. In between are not much. Actually.

I must honestly admit that I am now a bit pleased if hitting my best friend to the coffee party in the same outfit. Cute, you could call it almost as long as it is just a random, rather than these strange staged double Lottchen attitude. This is perhaps due to age (was 14’s great with 2o again uncomfortable), or: love. When I came home with a bag together with the above shirts yesterday however I really doubted my mental Constitution.  

Once it is so or so difficult to find itself suddenly a couple as a retired couple haters and find the whole thing then also still great. But there are Yes condition limits. Buy two T-Shirts, on whose breast even “LOVE” is quite worthy of then. And still I was proud as Oskar, when I finally was able to present my gift. I mean something like a shock in the face of the Herzjungen to have recognized at the last second I could but still with the Declaration of “that are there just to sleep!” save. And comes really also: everything that comes from the heart, is ok. I shall confine myself the secret celebrations of the Partnerlooks in your own four walls, will look soon but still not more wrong, if I’m running a pair of anorak on the way. Now I know that it can feel good, an ally in the sense of “we are now perhaps forever together” found to have – and you may also see that.


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