New Law: Underage Models Are As “Child Actor” Are – That Changed The World Of Fashion?

by | March 19, 2017

Permanent, we experience quite a bit wrong in the fashion industry. On international catwalks, children are staged as an adult, the girls are often not even 16 years old. Also for all magazines, there seems to be no age limit down. And what do we do? Besides looking not much. The issue is addressed, we show us shocked, leafing through the glossy pages of the young faces seem to us not to bother. We are jaded, have accustomed us to this fact and sink almost even in the quest for too unrealistic ideals of beauty. This is only a point of criticism by many. Else concern working conditions, which are exposed to the youthful models are more exciting than the always absurd nascent idea of beauty.

, Vogue reacted already with a code, which is intended to protect young girls. This means: no more than ten hours of work a day, no photo spreads, are pushed in under 16 year old in the role of adults and sexually explicit photo shoots are allowed also only after consultation and clear consent of sides of the models. That this fact despite unease rarely dare, “no” to say, seems to have come on slowly even at the top. The State of New York goes yet one step further: in the future the same rights should be awarded young models as child actress.

Here: in contrast to the fashion industry very beautiful strictly on the well-being of the young stars respected: escorts, savings accounts and an all-round support – all this is long taken for granted. But not for models – and that is now changing. Last week the United States has voted unanimously a law, which exactly gives the same rights to the underage freaks.

In plain language this means: in addition to the hopefully incoming inspection of exploitation work will be also more expensive and elaborate with children and young people. It’s not so unlikely that brands and magazines rely on adults in the future rather than “to bypass all the stress with the little”. The New York Times also thinks about a big break on the hitherto prevailing beauty ideal. We can escape perhaps morbid youth and low-fat craze so at the end? That would be nice and very witted.

Because is it not actually already pretty weird that clothing for adults is often presented to children? How should I identify as a woman with legs and pelvis with the over young & extremely arid hoppers, without falling into self-doubt? The new regulation is good not only for those affected, but also for us. One can only hope that the prospect of a healthier understanding of body and pretty heads will remain a dream. We have finally have ever managed to stifle a good idea in the bud: Brigitte had their project, “normal people instead of models” in photo spreads overboard throw pretty soon. At the end there were we, the consumers, namely that deals not with guys satisfied wanted to give and instead wanted back the usual ribs.

A change brings something only if all together. If we can, is still questionable.