Not Sure What is the Current Year? Scroll Down and Run and Buy Some Floral!

by | December 14, 2016

2015 is here and so even the year’s trends! We list some of the major trends that are easy for you to take and to find in stores.


Leather is something that never goes out. Now more than ever there is a great variety in the stores. Everything from traditional leather jacket to the bottoms of the skins are easy to find and in all price ranges.
A biker jacket is always an investment and worth spending a little extra money. A classic match with white t-shirt, black skinny jeans, white sneakers and sunglasses in the pilot model. Right away, you send out a signal that you are aware, without actually having to strain yourself too much.
Do you want to go the whole hog a little more run on pants, shorts or a t-shirt in leather. A trend that comes and goes even if the material is always timeless. Do it for testing, one can find everything and at good prices in chain stores such as H & M, Weekday and Zara.

If you feel like leather from head to toe is the risk that it becomes a little too much motorcycle biker. But there are always going to try to and find the right! A good tip is to not have details such as zippers, seams and rivets on all garments. Choosing instead completely smooth leather pants if you must have an elaborate leather jacket!

All-over print

This year’s fashion trends 2015 is about to be seen, and you wear patterns on patterns, you are the trendiest in town! Mastering this art of mixing fabrics, do so, otherwise there are plenty of dressar with the garment in the same fabric. Jacket, trousers, shorts, t-shirt, bag and sunglasses can be found in identical patterns of clothing chains. On you will find a wide selection and especially from their own brand.

Selecting happy large floral!

Practical sporty

Sporty influenced fashion continues and most of this is clearly designer Alexander Wang. Materials such as polyester, elastane, polyurethane and scuba is often used to give the garments an interesting expression. Feels a bit like foam can say! It can just as often be flexible and thin as a typical workout clothes, which bylsigt and in thicker fabric.

Sneaker love

Low or high, sporty or classic asymmetric and graphic, with thick or thin soles of basketball model or Vans does not matter. Sneakers are hot! There are infinitely many models to choose from and easy to find a favorite that suits you.

Choose something cooler and more airy material to jump in the summer. For autumn and the Swedish (mostly) snowless winter, choose something more water-resistant material such as suede or leather.


Finally it’s okay that we too skinny guys put the jeans aside and get the air legs! Okay, no one has forced us into skinny jeans, but big bottoms are hardly felt so hip.
Whether it is shorts or long pants legs should be large in 2015 and in a straight model. Remember, however, that the pants should not be enlarging, but still sit comfortably at the waist.
Do you even thickness? Combining the oversize trousers along with a tighter top!

Tone on tone

There’s nothing more impersonal and boring like beige on beige? Yes, there is certain!

Do you wear the same colors from head to toe, you are absolutely right in time. Especially the wallpaper is white and beige tones. It does not feel quite like your thing, simply choose another color to rip on. Blue, black or even red?

It requires, however, almost always some ulterior motive for it not to feel flat. A good tip is to work with layers and mixing different fabrics and materials. Sporty, skins are for example more vivid and interesting. Linen pants to denim jacket works well if you choose the blue shade. Dare to dare! Remember that no one remembers a coward.