Objective: Carine Roitfeld. Who Is The Queen of The Voguettes?

by | May 20, 2018

Voguette: Queen of the Sartorialist, Lady in black, plebeians of the stiletto.  And if the voguettes are Queens, Carine Roitfeld is the Queen of the voguettes. Queen of the editorial, Princess of the fronts rows and the showrooms of high standing together with Anna Wintour. The Wintour to know it a little bit more thanks to the Super “ The september Issue ” and certainly less thanks to “ the Devil Wears Prada & #8221;.

But to do Carine? Milimetramos looks, analyze which CSI your straight hair and corrido khol, criticize, praise, lionize, defenestramos. But how is accomplished be the fashion queen?

Some time ago we speak already of Diana Vreeland, the first, the only, the inimitable eccentric Queen and largest publisher of fashion of all time. But back to the present and talk about today, the fashion present, Carine.

Great blogs like cool chic anc have already spoken with mastery of the voguettes and defined them perfectly: that special troupe of endless women, swathed in leathers and uploaded to the impossible increases walking in droves which gazelles and only stand to benefit from Dorés (Garance) and Scotts (Schumman).

And Carine always walks the first, or the last.

Recognized date of birth: 1954. Position: Director of Vogue Paris since 2001. She is the daughter of Russian, filmmaker, and French.

His career began as the of some other editors as Grace Coddington, being American. “ Was not a star ” acknowledged, “ but worked for some teen magazines & #8221;.

Begins to collaborate in Elle France, being freelance stylist, and in a Masterful stroke of fate while his daughter Julia is photographed for Vogue Italy of children, makes exquisite migas with Mario Testino who the “ adopts ” as your favorite stylist and climb it in twinkling with Vogue USA and Paris.

She leaves will be spoiled by Testino, then Tom Ford and after that Condé Nast. But it had never flown in a cloud of cotton which nymph of the gods so far, in which bloggers, streetstyles photographers it have praised, photographed, praised and criticized.

“ Do not want to be just a wrapper ” has broached once the Roitfeld, but also “ all the women who work at Vogue France are fine and thin & #8221;

We love it, we hate it?