Pack Smart! – 10 Estimated Top Seal Tip

Tired of having to sit on the bag to close it?

Whether you must fly, go by boat, car, train, or ride the unicycle on a pig tagged elephant kids so is one of the most anxiety-inducing detail itinerant pack. You always get a little stressed about to be forgetting important things and either end up to pack five minutes before you need to go, or 2 weeks before you need. To reduce your anxiety over this so we’ve put together this guide that will help you pack smart. So you have all the same one less thing to worry about.

3 Smart packing tips

Here are three of my favorites, that really takes your packing strategy to the next level.

1: Fill the shoes with soft / small objects

Your shoes are a secret small area that few think of. Roll up socks, ties, handkerchiefs, etc., and fill the shoes with them. This saves space and allows you to get better order in the bag than if you were pouring down little things here and there.

2: Roll not up cracking down

Add them instead along the edge of the bag. That way they do not take place at all and do not lose shape

3: Unpack the shirts last

Want your shirts so smooth and crispy as possible so you should pack them last. Make sure that you first build up a flat stock, and put the shirts on top of it.