Trend That Looms: Funny Pants

In the rain of trends that come to us for the autumn we find one that is really fun and suitable for any occasion. Just a stick, you like and you see yourself with them in the fall or they horrified you. They are fancy-pants or so we understand it, baggy pants of prints of… Read more »

Get The Grunge Trend Winter Romantic

When we think in the grunge, one of the trends of this autumn-winter 2009 / 2010, that is very musical, we almost always think in checked shirts oversized, torn trousers and poorly placed Wicks. But this style which triumphed in the 1990s may be much less sloppy than that. And it is not only suitable… Read more »

Fashion Dresses Are Jeans

The Denim a long time ago that ceased to be applied only to the jeans fabric: shirts, jackets, monkeys, and dresses, These are just some of the garments that have succumbed to the monopoly of the cowboy. And it is so hot that in summer or very uncomfortable to be if it is not elastic,… Read more »

Wearing a Dress of Pictures, by Taylor Momsen

There are fashions that come to stay. When less some seasons and this is what has happened with pictures. Since autumn last year slipped in our shirts through wardrobe, short skirts and some other dress, were kept in shades lighter and fresher versions during the summer and revive with force during the Autumn-winter 2009/10.

Future Trends: Do Lingerie and Slides?

Yesterday I found myself in my usual daily reading of news related to the world of fashion with This styling. I saw it in one of my favorite websites, Fashion Indie, who entitled the post: “do WTF? Hana Soukupova”(popular acronym the Web whose translation better search for some sites).