Fashion Cars: The Likes of Paris Hilton

As occurs with the styles for each season, with cars there are those who set the trend and who have very personal tastes. This is the case of Paris Hilton, a great amateur coaches in your garage has all kinds of models, from very sports cars to SUVs, that Yes, almost all of them with… Read more »

Fashion Cars: Citroen DS3

Citroen It has launched a new range of cars, known as the DS last year. The first model of this new range is the Citroen DS3, a compact car for the urban segment that competes with others such as the Fiat 500 and the MINI. The Citroen DS range It aims to move a step… Read more »

Sandals Are Not for The Summer

Something that allows us to get the most juice to our closet is that there is less difference between the collections of summer and winter by what can use almost all our garments throughout the year. Dresses, t-shirts, miniskirts and even shorts are pieces that flooded the street and collections at any time of the… Read more »

Fashion Cars: Fiat 500

Jezebel premiered a new special, in which he will review What are the cars that are more fashion. Look for cars that have more links with the world of fashion and who by his style and approach, looking for fashion lovers and trendsetters.

Operator’s Manual of The Red Shoes

And it is always has said there is no nothing more feminine a pair of shoes in this color. This year, in addition, we are lucky because they become to wear heeled shoes with few centimeters by what they are not going to die in the attempt to show off a more feminine heel.