Pilot, Diver or Athlete? Different Types of Watches for Different People and Occasions

by | December 15, 2016

Men’s watches are a huge market. Only in 2014 had sales of Swiss watches just over 15 billion. There is not a clock that is one-fits-all. It’s all about personal preference and what men’s watches you prefer. Which style you decide in general what watch you choose. But even event such as a wedding, job interview or night should decide which watch you choose.

Now I can hear all watch enthusiasts mumbling things like “pick a timeless piece” or “you have a real clock you need not worry.” Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, although in my opinion is wrong. There is not a clock that works everywhere. You are not looking for a job at McDonald’s and put on your Brietling Avenger II. No matter how much you love the clock so will your potential employer see you as something of a dandy.

With that said, a timeless and classic watch is after all a safe bet. But at 40 000 may not always go on the wrist.

A classic dial

The classic watch face is approximately 40 to 42 mm, and if you want something a little different, you should instead go up in size and choose something that is around 48-50 mm.


When you choose watchbands, it is important that you choose something that goes in the style of the watch itself. Do you have a set of bells, you can also match the clock with your other accessories or shoes. A brown belt, shoes and wristwatch can be the perfect combination for a navy suit. Choose a white shirt with extreme cut-away collar, and for example, a yellow and dark silver tie.

There are several categories of watches and to make it simple, we briefly review the different.

Pilot Clock

A diving bell, also called a diver or dykklocka is a clock designed diving having at least one water resistance of greater than 1.0 MPa (10 atm), corresponding to 100 m (330 feet). Examples are the Breitling Avenger Seawolf is water resistant up to 3000 meters or 10,000 feet. Although Rolex Submariner is a renowned diver.

Famous divers are:

  • Citizen Eco-Zilla
  • Rolex Submariner
  • Omega Seamaster Professional
  • Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean
  • Seiko Orange Monster
  • Master Marine Seiko

Sports Watch

Sports Watches has no clear definition in the same way as a pilot or diver. However, it should be equipped with a chronograph for timing. Sport is a card that comes from old French and means really casual or casual. It is not about a watch you when you sports without a watch you can have in everyday life.

The difference in the three

Sometimes no distinction is made on sports and diving bell. So the border is as I said a little fuzzy. There are also other types of clocks, which military and dressed clock.

A gents watch is possibly something to mind a Daniel Wellington watch or the like. A clock that works superbly for certain occasions. But you can buy a more expensive watch, you should invest in some classic instead. A gents watch can often be attributed to what is meant by fashion watches. That is watches that gets its look depending on what’s trendy right now. Not very timeless, that is.

Regarding military watches, we will once again return to the three classic categories above. Often refers watches worn by the US military. They in turn classifies them as diving bells and navigation watches.

A diving bell most characteristic feature is its rotating bezel, the ring around the watch face (bezel). It is also typical that it rotates counterclockwise (security measure). It works so that if a diver has 10 minutes of oxygen left, and the clock is 14:00, he will rotate the arrow (beep) so it is in line with the minute hand. When the minute hand then is in line with the number 10 on the bezel, the diver must begin their ascent to avoid being without oxygen.

As for a pilot clock bezel helps you to perform arithmetic or conversions in the air. A conversion can be, for example between a nautical mil and kilometer. Or if you need to calculate how much fuel you have in the tank.

It is not uncommon to find the chronograph on a pilot clock. Or function to see the time in other parts of the world (you fly the entrusted everything).