Pregnant and Trend Summer 2007 Collection Forms

While being pregnant no longer spells mediocrity and fashion faux pas and that prenatal brands are growing, it is not easy to get out of the basic look of pregnancy pants and flowered tunic… But this summer, the collection forms makes the difference and offers a cloakroom “future mom” worthy of one of the sharpest of fashionistas!

Forms is the bias that a pregnant woman is above all a woman! It is wrong, for nine months, putting aside his desires and his desire to please. It is decided that the belly is the center, but the rest of the body will also be highlighted. It is to refuse softy look or clam frog is put femininity in the spotlight while following trends closely.

Their latest collection is the pinnacle of this concept, it contains all the musts of the season: skinny jeans, micro shorts and pretty evening wear(yes, we do not forget that in summer weddings are legion!) . While following the fashion, style office also designed the clothes so that they can follow the mother throughout her pregnancy. Perfect ergonomics, existing materials, and sharp cuts… One would almost want to be pregnant!

Gone is the time when the expectant mom clothes were not evolving and were confined to the classics. Now the style teams are alert and proceed in the same way as in ready-to-wear… Watching shows, analysis of the times.

The first child comes later, the financial means are there, pregnancy has become a space-time trend, a kind of cocooning fashion where people like to show off. The new pregnant woman is active and refuses to change his lifestyle then this is the mode that suits!