Prince George Is All a Trendsetter: Exhausted The Bathrobe That Greeted a Barack Obama

by | June 8, 2017

Well taught by her mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, with just two years and a half the Prince George It has proven to be everything a trendsetter. This weekend the Kensington Palace opened its doors to greet Obama, although all bulbs they grew over the little George to the greet the President of the United States in bathrobe, a garment that barely a few hours later sold out on the web.

“Book now the bathrobe from the Prince George” is the message that can be seen on the web My 1st Years

No one could believe that the little George would hand to Barack Obama dressed in a white bathrobe and house slippers. The photographs were viral in just a few minutes and social networks soon echoing so much fun stamping.

As it is usual in these cases, the famous bathrobe turned to the world and sold out within hours when the images were made public. The Prince George It had unleashed the madness once again and My website 1st Years ran out of stock in the twinkling of an eye.

After a rupture of stock worthy of study, white bathrobe with pictures vichy blue on the edges and a price of 34 euros Now you can book online, although the waiting list to buy a copy for both boy and girl could be endless.