Reading: “Why The Era Of Personal Style Blogs Must Come To An End”

by | March 20, 2017

Author Amy Odell scatters her contribution “why the era of personal fashion blogging must come to end” a pretty big portion of salt into the gaping wound of the blogosphere, part is shaking on the first tree and also destroyed the dreams of many young girls. Bloggers who invariably get themselves in the best light, is prophesied a bleak future. For what, if at some point no one more for you are interested? And where with all the beauties, if the business is no longer buzzing?

Someone who can’t help besides beautiful being, whose entitled comes, not through the collection of outfits and the performing of daily blogger choreography before the lens of the own friend, who could it in the world of work quite hard have – that someone unless has a useful secret over talent. That’s roughly but probably rather not the rule. In Germany, the model of the self marketing has never really borne fruit, therefore here already often noisy thoughts like those by Amy Odell. A true story, because the German has not much of the phenomenon of the personality cult. There is though, the pure outfit-bloggers, but their careers are far behind the success stories by Leandra Medine, Chiara Ferragni and co. I don’t know, whether it is a pity that our bloggers on the same principle as our celebrities are faring. You’re cute and popular, respected, but by no means continuous acclaim something such as the Alexandra Maria Lara of the blogosphere, or just you’re the cat Berger of the system. Fame without end, but only because you’re so embarrassing.

In principle I have summarized only the thoughts of others, but of course I sit then and when brooding on the sofa and wonder where this will lead everything. Until I have managed to sort my brain and bring all this on paper, nothing left me however as in the swamp of back and forth – torn-being to bathe. Blogging in itself is a good thing. Freedom of expression and Carlos, a step forward so. Much of what is related to blogging, especially the Modebloggen together, seems however increasingly abhorrent to me. It’s like an obsession and I see sink more and more girls in it. At the end, it is unfortunately not the brand of your sweaters, which makes you to what you are. But your friends, your own thoughts, and what you are experiencing. And by that I mean not shopping.