So Laura Burdese, The President of Calvin Klein Watches & Jewellery That Loves Sport

by | June 25, 2017

Have the opportunity to talk with a successful entrepreneur It is always something enriching. Even more so when it’s a young and athletic, profile a tandem which I love. Laura Burdese is the President of Calvin Klein Wacthes & Jewellery and a few days ago visited Madrid to present the new collections that has been working with his team, and I could be with her for a few minutes to learn about their work and, above all, she.

In an attic with lots light, decorated in shades of white and full of art located in the heart of Madrid’s Gran Vía. It could well be their residence in any part of the world but it was simply the space he had chosen the signature for this event. An afternoon of heat in the middle of the stormy days doing in Madrid, which has become the most traditional London. Why only accompanied us water with ice during the whole interview.

“Pink gold has become recently a revolution.”

Laura Burdese It is a young and elegant woman, I find the white stripe trousers diplomatic burgundy, same tone from the top of skin chosen for your visit to Madrid and how could it be otherwise with a touch accessories and watches of the brand that presides. “Pink gold has become recently a revolution, now everybody wants to look this tone parts.” Precisely chosen by it for its presentation to the media.

She holds a degree in international economics and holds a master’s degree in Marketing and communication, something that makes me ask him about the importance of the fusion of both branches in the same company. “It is essential to be well aware that any marketing action that does not conform to the actual budgets of a company will have any sense.” Marketing activities have to work them very well so they have impact on sales and above all to continue preserving the brand image.

“Getting to draw something wonderful is a difficult task but what is much more complicated is to capture this idea of design into a real piece with a value that matches the brand.”

In a group as important as it is The Swatch Group numbers are vital but also interested me a lot turn creative and, above all, the relationship that she has with all the departments of creation. “Getting to draw something wonderful is a difficult task but what is much more complicated is to capture this idea of design into a real piece with a value that matches the brand.” And it is that Laura Burdese knows the side closest to the production and the difficulties involving many parts that works hand in hand with all the people of the various departments.

Global tastes regarding supplements are very varied that she along with his team creates a large collection in which are present accessories for all. Laura Burdese creates for the world and responsible for shopping in each area are who choose different pieces to be offered in each territory. This is something very enriching because it makes you connect more with different cultures and also makes you understand what values each audience, according to me.

Practise pilates, skiing and swimming at competition level.

He currently lives between Milan and Biel (Switzerland). A job with so much responsibility has its advantages but also some disadvantages: hours of work and effort that Laura tries to compensate for playing sport; Pilates, skiing and swimming, level competition, are sports that she enjoys and forget for a moment their work in the company Calvin Klein Watches & Jewellery.

Finally I ask you about the ties that exist between the different lines of business of Calvin Klein, I wonder if following the departure of Francisco Costa have something scary to know what will come, and if it will affect you in some way. Tells me that the relationship between the line of ready-to-wear and jewelry and watches is very subtle, simply receiving plank of inspiration that is working the creative director for the firm, but they don’t have complementary collections, so I see it quite quiet with respect to changes.