Spring Fashion 2015 Men – Tiger, HM & Massimo Dutti

by | December 1, 2016

Sweden and Spain agree – no jeans, and mass patterns

As we wrote in our previous article about the 2015 spring fashion men so dominated the season strongly by patterns and navy blue. Trends we really look forward to meet on the street. I mean, the pattern may be difficult to sustain, but it’s pretty damn cool when it work.

Here is the spring menswear under Spanish Massimo Dutti and Swedish H & M and Tiger of Sweden.

Massimo Dutti

The Spaniards succeed as always delivering immensely stylish clothes, which simultaneously feels at most modern and easy to support. Oscar Jacobsen’s trendy garments are also pretty damn good looking, but then they are a bit “over the top” so they are a little difficult to really sustain. Here I really Massimo Dutti shines! Their garments feel good relaxed , even when it comes to the more dressy clothes.

Trend-wise, we see the overall trend we wrote about last week, meaning that all black is replaced with navy blue , and that all designers pinches patterns here and there. That said, really nice!


We have said it before and have to say it again. Tiger of Sweden will not be the most exciting clothes. Maybe they’re a bit stuck in the Swedish standard that everything is black and gray. I do not know. They make really stylish and comfortable costumes and their accessories are also top-notch, but their other clothing collections could do with some new blood.

In the spring, we see them stick with autumn trends where everything is in black and gray. The opposite of virtually all other designers completely abandoned the black and replaced it with navy blue.
They may be in a bit pattern, which is fun to see!


With the mass audience can understand that H & M running on with a lot of black even in spring. Ordinary people thrive, unfortunately best when he is not noticed.
In addition to that, we see that there will be a lot of leather jackets in the spring, and you should buy a suit, it’s navy blue applicable, forget everything else, and combine it willingly with a couple sneakers, the fashion seems to take itself slowly but surely.



A Navy Blue Yachting Blazer; topped off with brass buttons …

A Navy Blue Yachting Blazer; topped off with brass buttons ...

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De 510 bästa Herrmode / Men's Fashion

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