Stopping: Our Site + Topman Opening in Berlin

Since Friday they are there now, at last, the small top shop – and Topman offshoots in Berlin’s kadewe department store. And we have looked as announced, of course for you past, has to offer (2nd floor) Our site and Topman (1st floor) so in the Kaufhaus des Westens.
The selection is quite small and spread over 150 square meters for the women while the man Department even still a bit tiny so. It is a first step and we will do so the devil and this is why right now begin to complain about. Because is an advantage’s: the Our site between Inefficiency is destroyed in the kadewe department store. Instead, the lines are carefully in rank and link to the rods, rather than untidy to umpteen floors as we actually know it by the British. Well, one look pleasing?

Our site-17 our site 16 denimbirds
So our site-14 our site-4: everything not so bad at all. Who is driving but with huge expectations in the Berlin West, which will be probably a little bit disappointed. As well, that we can reference at this point still the online store, which notoriously keeps the entire range in store.
Of shoes, accessories to jewellery we find in the little top shop corner anyway, pretty much pretty, which is likely quite pull this winter in the home closet. The only catch: the prices. You are indeed much higher than the fashion chains colleagues.
We are anyway, quite pleased that the Berlin West now slowly but certainly for us will become more attractive. In addition to & other stories from immediately 150 sqm of our site and a lovely Topman Boutigue wait on us. Already over looked?