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Tips How to Choose the First Suit

This moment ends up coming to all men: the purchase of the first suit, and when I say “purchase” I’m talking about buy alone, without the father, mother, or girlfriend by giving all kinds of opinions, even because often these pitacos are wrong, after all a lot of people think you know everything about, but the… Read more »

Spring 2011 Trends: Color Block

We are sure that many of you have already heard about it, or maybe even some because you bought something more colorful trend. Don’t be alarmed by its resounding name and, for many, confusing, the color block consists of colourful clothing in blocks, i.e., different shades than the more eye-catching to be better.Color Color

Spring/Summer 2011 Color Trends

We have seen since the experts talk about the Honeysuckle as the tone character of the year 2011. A beautiful colour half between the red and pink, that until now we didn’t know or that it existed. But it is not the only colour that rejoice us eyes this Spring-summer 2011.