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Tips How to Choose the First Suit

This moment ends up coming to all men: the purchase of the first suit, and when I say “purchase” I’m talking about buy alone, without the father, mother, or girlfriend by giving all kinds of opinions, even because often these pitacos are wrong, after all a lot of people think you know everything about, but the… Read more »

The Look Right for Any Season!

It is not easy to arrive at a combination of men’s clothes which, with minor adaptations, may serve for the whole year, but, behold, I come across this photo where the choice of just 5 parts ended up creating a versatile look and can be adapted to any station, see how and why this has… Read more »

How to Clean a Wool Jacket

Introduction Hot and heavy garments are the true protagonists of the cold season. As for every outfit, you might stain or dirty the heads of wool that doubtless are delicate nuances of normal garments that we usually wash. However, if you do not take due precaution to perform a proper washing wool garments with regard,… Read more »

How to Wear Brown Leather Jackets

Spread the word When you think of a leather jacket, which comes mostly classic, black jacket to mind. Black, which is classic, timeless and easy to combine. But where is the stimulus where the playfulness, the courage to try something new? Long find leather jackets in all possible color schemes and they also look really really good. It need… Read more »

Karl Lagerfeld Tuxedo Jacket

The designers draw many clothes, they spend their lives inventing new cuts, new models, to amaze with original and glamorous outfits but then they are not original, but always dresses the same, it seems to have a split! And we’re not talking about strangers semi designers but of those most loved, those famous, from Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs, by Tom Ford to… Read more »