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The Look Right for Any Season!

It is not easy to arrive at a combination of men’s clothes which, with minor adaptations, may serve for the whole year, but, behold, I come across this photo where the choice of just 5 parts ended up creating a versatile look and can be adapted to any station, see how and why this has… Read more »

Trend That Looms: Funny Pants

In the rain of trends that come to us for the autumn we find one that is really fun and suitable for any occasion. Just a stick, you like and you see yourself with them in the fall or they horrified you. They are fancy-pants or so we understand it, baggy pants of prints of… Read more »

Plus Size Mode Guido Maria Kretschmer

Luckily, there are Guido Kretschmer! He is one of the trendy celebrity world in Germany and is a professional moderator and designer. Guido Maria Kretschmer is a real Frauenversteher who has useful tips in stock for Plus Size Ladies. For women with large sizes, curves and proportions, it has already brought some collections in cooperation with various fashion… Read more »