The 10 most beautiful sights in China

China is more than a country: China is a completely different world, full of contrasts and beauty. Gigantic cities, sacred mountains, epic expanses and impressive monuments of the imperial dynasties – the huge country offers a lot to discover, and some are desperate for the varied offer. What should you absolutely look at? Where to go Our list of the 10 most beautiful sights in China will help you decide

  1. Beijing: China’s capital and its forbidden city

Beijing is also known as the cultural capital of China. Particularly worth seeing: The Forbidden City. 720,000 square kilometers with courtyards, gardens and pavilions, an aura of wealth and majesty and world cultural heritage – no wonder the forbidden city is one of the most popular historical sites in the world and thus number 1 of the most beautiful sights in China.

  1. The Great Wall of China: the classic

Hardly any China traveler can get around the Great Wall. The last measurements showed a length of over 8,800 kilometers. The famous Chinese landmark can be easily visited from Beijing.

  1. Guilin: Magnificent mountain landscape

For many, it is considered the typical Chinese landscape.

Around the Li River, as you can see in the picture on the right, there are breathtaking views of picturesque kart cones and huge rice terraces.

  1. Yangtze: China’s longest river

At 6,400 kilometers, it is not only China’s longest, but also the third longest river in the world. A cruise is particularly worthwhile because of the famous Three Gorges Dam and the impressive gorges.

  1. Jiuzhaigou: masterpiece of nature

Fantastic landscapes and natural wonders, crystal-clear lakes, spectacular waterfalls, almost impenetrable forests and snow-capped mountains await you in Jiuzhaigou in the Sichuan province.

  1. Xi’an and the Terracotta Warriors

The old imperial city offers a historical city wall, on which you can walk around the city center and enjoy the wonderful views of the old Xi’an. You should also take a trip to the terracotta warriors: the terracotta army near Xi’an was only discovered in 1974 and impresses with thousands of life-size figures.

  1. Tibet: the roof of the world

Tibet not only offers a unique landscape, but also spirituality and insights into the life of Buddhist monks.

  1. Hong Kong: turbulent and dynamic

At first glance, Hong Kong looks thoroughly modern and full of high-tech, but behind the dazzling facade hides the Chinese culture – an extremely multifaceted city, for which you should take a few days. Lantau Island also has the world’s largest free-standing, seated Buddha statue.

  1. Shanghai: Pearl of the Orient

Shanghai is booming. In addition to a modern skyline, it also offers beautiful colonial buildings and the typical Chinese Yu garden.

  1. Luoyang: cradle of kung fu

In the world-famous Shaolin Monastery you get an insight into the life of the monks and the origin and philosophy of the well-known martial art. A trip to the impressive Longmen Grottoes is also worthwhile, see picture on the right, with around 100,000 Buddha figures and countless pagodas.

Luoyang, China

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