The Birthday of Amancio Ortega and Other Secrets Well Kept from Inditex

by | June 12, 2017

The Friday We woke up with the publication in all media of a video with images of the surprise party that the workers of Inditex they prepared for his boss. In the video, images of the arrival to the company headquarters were in Arteixo of Amancio Ortega and how he lived, excited, the surprise that you had prepared his daughter Marta and the rest of the company’s employees. The video collects, at the same time, the flashmob that, to the rhythm of Celebration, they prepared workers of different brands and companies that make up the Empire Inditex.

The Question many us made, upon discovering that the welcome surprise Ortega took place the March 28, day in which the employer had 80 years, was: how the secret will keep for a month? Admittedly, some media, especially local, published at the time had been given the news that, based in Arteixo, one surprise party to the founder of the company, but the news, generally unnoticed enough. Has not been up to the the video publishing, that spread between the workers of the company (provided them a) private link to view it), that the public has in general been able to take a look to the emotional celebration. But, have they how managed it in the era of smartphones and social networking?

And not only that the images of the celebration at the headquarters of the company they not leaked to the media. The preparation of the flashmob It was issued during the party involved weeks of preparation and the participation of hundreds of employees from different places the world in his shooting. And got that neither the Head of the company, Judging by his reaction, suspect that something has I was brewing under the his daughter Marta organization.

Do you get, in a company with? more than 150,000 employees, would something like do not turn the world almost from the first moment? Confidentiality is the key. It is difficult, very difficult, to know What is happening in the offices of Inditex, even for those who live a few kilometers from their headquarters. Da like that is one birthday party for its founder or a new business strategy. Any appearance of its workers in media, or even conferences, presentations, etc., are obliged to pass by the Department of communication company.

It can be that the confidentiality within the template of Inditex has to do with the discreet character of its founder. With the exception of his daughter’s wedding Marta, There has never been developments with the Ortega family that has been ported in media. It probably helps the fact of living in a small town, away from the spotlights. It is not uncommon to see to Amancio Ortega or other members of her family walking by A Coruña, dining in restaurants or at the stage of Riazor watching a football match. But its presence is not accompanied by the aura of glamour, bodyguards with sunglasses and exclusivity you might expect from one of the richest men in the world.

After the the video publishing last Friday, I asked for the celebration to several of my friends workers of Inditex. Some knew the preparations since the beginning, since they had participated in the filming of the flashmob; others learned when began to plan the hosting that would be to Ortega the own on your birthday. That day they were asked to, please, leave your mobile phones at their desks and do not take pictures of the celebration. Among so many people, and the simple fact that they met a letter request is a little surprising. But is that, when asked Why had not commented anything in all this time, all without exception, responded that «simply told us that it was a surprise and we will not tell nothing». So simple and so complicated at the same time. Further evidence of that confidentiality is a value which, in Inditex, is internalized at all levels of the company.