The Four Minutes That You Fall in Love with You of Donatella Versace after 18 Years without His Brother Gianni

by | June 1, 2017

Show or book, is perhaps the vital constant of Donatella Versace. The woman who runs the company which billed by 650 million euros per year and it is possible more blonde and perfect hair, thats what we usually see her but inside there is a lot more. Just giving an interview to The New York Times in which he opens his heart of wide to conquer yours, so is Donatella.

Not easy should not be losing a brother, but when it occurs in a strange and unexpected way is much more horrific. Gianni Versace died 18 years ago, leaving a gap in the world of fashion but even bigger in the heart of Donatella Versace, his beloved sister. She should believe it would continue forward and that he would return to the top firm in the XXI century, but actually she cried at sneak all while very few believed in it. It is a vulnerable woman that he loves perfection but which, however, says that despite seem cold and she really isn’t distant.

Today his workshop employees have become your family, so did her mother and, as not, his brother Gianni. Today the office where he was working to two great creators has become the best reflection of the feelings of Donatella. Wall drawings that Karl Lagerfeld gave to his friend Gianni has hung and that so many memories they evoke him. Today she loves logos and changing the pattern of the shoulders each season while conserving almost different signatures of for life and most importantly, creates for women transmitting the walking the great phrase: “Have No fear”.