The Sleeveless Trench Sneaks into Our Wardrobes

This year it is said that it is the year of the trench or trenches, although it is best done with a good raincoat and we use it, and let’s take season after season since it is a safe investment. Therefore, we have our quality gabardine and if we have any that us fails to convince or has been phased out, we can always customizarla. How is it going cut the sleeves to our trench? A proposal which is trendy and we love in those days that it’s not very cold.

From professionals in the scene as Kate Lanphear (pictured above) up to street stylers, trench-vest slips in the closets of the more fashionistas. Want to be more modern? Get one!

We started with the first look of the trench without sleeves: this girl dares with trench-vest and what gets you ahead, in this case, black turban and chooses a black long sleeve top underneath. Perhaps too much sleeveless trench and the turban! Much better a simple look.

Another look less sexy and more androgynous with this garment as the protagonist: the girl choose male hat and mixed colors such as the camel and Brown, very trendy this season, getting a touch very Annie Hall.

We ended with a very successful look to wear the garment. I love with the baggy pant in dark below (but, we can always replace it with a skinny jean) and with the heels, outstanding care and feminine look.

And you? ┬┐You dare to cut the sleeves of an old raincoat?