The Surprising Mix of Colors of Julianne Moore in Rome

by | June 10, 2018

The actress Julianne Moore It is promoting his latest film the kids are well in Rome. And for the International Film Festival of the eternal city has chosen a surprising combination of colors that she defends with aplomb, safety and elegance and that most women would fail completely.

In addition, further point in its favor is her redhead hair (one of the more envied). Mira often delimit a lot colors that allegedly favor to the redheads, because it takes, Fuchsia and tile together.

Julianne be donned a skirt pencil color tile, which combined with a Fuchsia blouse and black sandals with a architectural heel original, shown below in more detail for the passionate of the shoes. These details elevate them to works of art do not you think?.

By the way, your legs are full of freckles (not of hairs, malpensadas).