The Trends That Have Triumphed and Less Os Liked 2010

Predict What will triumph in the street, the trends presented by the great artists that will be adopted by the majority and by low-cost companies so we can buy them, is sometimes pecata minuta, in others they surprise us and we never promised them.

And as some are right, feel the wonder and extolling the beauty of women, others are more difficult to understand and of these we’ll talk. It all started in a post about the top 5 ridiculous trends that have managed to prevail, that you, with your comments, you have added some more. Let’s review because in this year to give it close the trends of 2010 whose triumph more is you incomprehensible.


The decenarios

At Jezebel are watchful eye at all what happens or what might happen. Back in July I already talked about Sara Carbonero fashionista and which possibly were oblivious of us power. We were not and so it seems by your comments in the top 5 of the ridiculousness, colors thread bracelets are among the ridiculous trends of the year.


The baggy pants

You can tell that they have not succeeded, on the catwalk and under it. The baggy pants they have been everywhere, with a summer that extolled them as a great garment for comfortable and trendy. Long ago they formed part of my article on fashion trends that are not convincing to our male peers, who seem to want to see us with more openings. But we are convinced ourselves? Several readers as senalasteis as a tendency of the less flattering.

Digital watches from the 80s

Can’t say whether I agree or not to this proposal. In fact to be, I was surprised that counted with as many positive votes. The Casio’s childhood or adolescence brings me many fond memories that I associate them, but it seems that many of you have considered it a tacky 80s trend, which continues to be what decades later.


The Ugg boots

Full 15, I agree with him, I adhere to where is it necessary to sign? How is that so unsightly boots are fashionista it possible? and what’s more how is it possible that we may fall twice in the same boot? Because his victory seasons ago has a pass, but who have been reborn and with Special editions such as the Jimmy Choo, 800 euros the pair, is staying silent.


Wooden clogs

We pointed out it as a ridiculous trend? It could be because of its discomfort, with a wood that carries our feet as rigidly as possible and with no rear fastening which makes them impossible to our raids from day to day, but what there is no doubt is that they have left one of the trends that will continue: the thumb tacks and the wood finishes on platforms and high heels.

Socks with sandals

Anything else to say?


Fashion “ rattan & #8221;

That someone spend the quarters in the collection “ made shredded ” of Balmain summer 2010 is complaint but would and if we did it with her? low-cost copies What do you could find everywhere? It seems that even with those, the trend has not been your taste.

Synthetic hair boots

You definís them as chonis. Its peak took place some years ago, in which its unsightly design joined you the color that triumphed, the polar white. And this year they have returned from the ashes thanks to the Yeti trend.

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