This Is The Yellow Biker Zara That Is Revolutionizing Internet: Do The Amas or The Hate?

by | June 16, 2017

Since some days ago, Zara is on everyone’s lips. But this time is not by their Millionaire income or by the inauguration one of their stores in some corner of the planet, not even for the celebration of the birthday of its founder. Lol This time, Zara has become viral a Huntress. It’s simple: a Yellow leather biker jacket.

But,?What has this jacket He has done that social networks revolucionen? As that everyone has it. Or that seems, at least. Do not know if it is that your striking color It makes us look more in the viral garments other seasons or the fact that Several bloggers have considered it a must of the season, but what is undeniable is that the biker is on everyone’s lips. Even in the Vodafone ad in four friends travelling to New York… one of them wears the famous garment.

But not all fans are of the yellow jacket. Kick off to the hatred of the biker gave it Miranda Makaroff with a message in Facebook that said, quote, «Infernal death at yellow jacket from Zara». And, from there, as often happens in this time of social networks, many users have taken party: either you love it or hate it. There is even a Facebook group (Victims of the yellow jacket from Zara) dedicated to hunt down those who wear it.

Sí. We have all become crazy. So much so that the rider in question is sold out at virtually all stores brand, though still available for purchase online. Perhaps the greatest display of madness is that the jacket is available is Chicfy, by the not inconsiderable figure of 100 euros, more than sixty euros above their original price.

We are not going to ask if you’ve seen the biker in the streets your city because already assume Yes, but which side are you? We love it or hate it?