Tie Undershirt – Stylish, Defused & Timeless

by | February 2, 2017

How is it now, is tie for a sweater-style crime?

Of course not, what is the larva? To take on a thick sweater over a shirt and tie is a really neat way to work with multiple layers, and a fantastic way to tone down the formal tie, so that you actually get use to it.

A perfect way to tone down his tie

Yes, the tie is notoriously often considered as the highest level of formal attire (not counting the “special clothing” as tailcoat, etc.). A suit jacket can fit well in all contexts, and the shirt is the man’s “little black”. But as soon as a tie goes on, so does the formality by 100%.

That just wear a tie undershirt is a very effective way to get use to all those ties that are in the box and never go with out with the crowds. The shirt takes the edge off the tie and the whole outfit suddenly becomes a lot less formal and easier to support.

2 Set to match nicely

When it comes to tie and handkerchief so they shall never match each other directly, the handkerchief must always match the shirt. The same can be said terms are you wearing a tie undershirt, avoid any of the three garments match each other directly. Working instead with contrasts and neutral colors.
Here are two variations on how you can match it all really neat.

1: Monochrome

Opt for a single color and have all three pieces in shades that blend together nicely. As shown below. This is very easy to carry up and thus also very versatile.

2: Contrast

Opt for either 1 or 2 pieces that stand out and really contrasts with each other. For example. An orange shirt and a blue tie (as shown in the beginning of the article), along with a white shirt so that all the focus ends up on the jersey and abot contrast.

Use the color wheel in our article: “How to color match your clothes neat!” If you feel unsure of what colors that contrast each other.

Dim further with a cardigan

If you feel the need to tone down the “dressigheten” further so you can replace the sweater against a cardigan / cardigang. You get the same feeling of layer-by-layer, but the cardigan makes the whole outfit even less strict.