To Jennifer Aniston Has Also Given It by Look View Glasses

We have met with Jennifer Aniston wearing morning look for the filming of his new movie and what has surprised us is that also sported sight glasses. Requirements of the script? Surely. And it is that two years ago it has become fashionable wear lenses for pure image. These lenses are also characterized by large and with some vintage air.

But there are more models on the market that are supplanting the classics. In Jezebel we show you some of the funniest, attractive y original market if you also want to make you go through short-sighted. Mira!

If you’re of that not you have dared to take the step of looking glasses of “ lie ” still, is the moment that you do with a couple. The reason? This trend has been with us a few years and soon will disappear. The fashion now is to bring them round to achieve an image much more nerd. In ASOs We found these.

But truly the model that is going stronger is called “ cat’s eye ”. In ASOs We find a version between the nerd and cat’s eye which I fails to convince.

In Urban Outfitters They also have a small selection of this product. They know well what is now carried by what we find two types of view cat-eye sunglasses.

Others that seem precious. Very similar to which the singer takes Katy Perry that you both like this look so 50´s sexy.

In American Apparel they are experts in all this type of sunglasses which they call “ Vintage Eyewear ”. Although precisely to today can not find great wonder at what to view glasses refers. Only these color red, fun but too big.

And you? You’ve already succumbed to this type of glasses?