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A presidential decree that bans nationals of Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia and Yemen from entering the USA for the time being, has been temporarily suspended due to a court order; a final decision is still pending. According to the US authorities, German nationals who also have one of the aforementioned nationalities (so-called dual nationals) are not affected by the controversial regulations, provided they are traveling with a valid US visa in a German passport. German dual nationals without a valid visa can apply for one at the responsible US representations. Holders of a valid permanent resident card (“Green Card”) should also be allowed to enter the country regardless of their nationality. Regarding the still valid restrictions on visa-free entry to the USA (Visa Waiver Program) in connection with previous trips to Iraq, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Libya and Yemen, please refer to the section “Entry requirements for German nationals”. It is recommended that you follow the development of entry regulations in the media and in this travel and safety notice. In any case, travelers currently have to reckon with increased controls and surveys upon entry. As usual, whether entry is allowed is at the discretion of the respective US border official. Binding information about entry and residence requirements in the USA can only be given in Germany via the external link, opens in a new window Embassies and consulates of the USA.

Country-specific safety information


According to ethnicityology, the US government reiterates its warning of attacks and calls for particular caution.

Stricter security measures apply to all flights to the USA. Travelers should allow sufficient time (at least 3 hours) to pass these controls in good time before departure. We also recommend that you inquire with the airline in good time about which items can be carried in hand luggage.

Further information can be found on the website of the External Link, opens in a new window Department of Homeland Security and the subordinate External Link, opens in a new window Transportation Security Administration


Always take care of your valuables. Money, tickets, and other valuables should be kept in a safe place such as B. in the hotel safe. Valuables should not be left in a parked car in the United States either. Especially at airports, bus or train stations: Beware of pickpockets! In all cases, it is advisable to make copies of all important documents, including the flight ticket, and to keep them separately.

It is comparatively easy to get hold of weapons in the United States. If you are the victim of an armed robbery, do not try to fight back!

Natural disasters

Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and the southern states of the USA have hurricane season from May to November. Tropical storms, heavy rainfall and, under certain circumstances, landslides must be expected. The same applies to tornado dangers in the Midwest between March and July. In winter, snowstorms can occur on the east coast, which among other things lead to restrictions in air traffic.

In all of these natural disasters, it is strongly recommended that you have sufficient supplies of water, food and, if necessary, carry gasoline with you and that you follow the instructions of the security authorities.

Travelers should follow the regional weather forecasts and heed the advice of the local security authorities.

Always up-to-date hurricane information is available on the Internet at External Link, opens in new window www.nhc.noaa.gov

In the months of June to November, the prevailing climatic conditions in California repeatedly lead to bush and forest fires, which are often difficult to control. Current information can be found at the external link, opens in new windowDepartment of Forestry and Fire Protection

Bush and forest fires can also occur in other states, particularly in the southern and southwestern United States. Travelers should pay attention to corresponding reports in the media and, if necessary, information from the local authorities.

United States Travel Warning



The national language is English. Many other languages are spoken in certain parts of the country. On the Mexican border, Spanish has replaced English as the most important colloquial language in some areas. About 20 million people do not speak English.



Other public holidays are celebrated on different days in the individual states.



The following articles may be imported into the USA duty-free:

200 cigarettes and 100 cigars;
1 liter (33.8 fl. Oz.) Alcoholic beverages;
Gifts up to a value of US $ 100 * (excluding alcohol and tobacco products).

(a) [*] Items should not be gift wrapped as they must be shown to customs. The gift import rule applies only once within 6 months for non-residents of the United States who stay in the country for more than 72 hours. If this is not the case, only gifts up to a value of US $ 50 are duty-free.

(b) Alcohol and tobacco products may only be imported by people aged 21 and over.
Prohibited imports

The import of the following articles is either prohibited or only permitted with a special license:

(a) Narcotics and dangerous drugs that are not imported for medical reasons. Anyone who has to take addictive medication (attention: this also includes certain cough suppressants) should only bring the amount necessary for the stay and a certificate from the attending physician in English.

(b) Absinthe, biological materials, seeds, fruit, vegetables and plants (including endangered species of plants and vegetables and their products).

(c) Firearms and Ammunition.

(d) Dangerous items (fireworks, poisonous articles).

(e) meat and poultry products.

(f) Pornographic Articles.

(g) jackknife.

(h) Goods from countries that have been embargoed (including Cuban cigars, Haitian leather souvenirs and items that originate from or are exported to Iran)

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