United Arab Emirates 1999

Yearbook 1999

United Arab Emirates. In June, a conflict developed between the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, both members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Visit Countryaah official website to get information about the capital city of United Arab Emirates. The United Arab Emirates criticized Saudi Arabia for approaching Iran without regard to the United Arab Emirates being involved in a territorial dispute with that country over control of three islands in the Persian Gulf. A fierce exchange of words between the countries followed. The issue of the islands was discussed when the GCC’s foreign ministers met in mid-June and when representatives of Iran and Saudi Arabia met a month later. However, no solution was reached.

Map of United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi in English

United Arab Emirates – Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhaʹbi, Abū Ẓabī, capital of the Sheikh District of the same name and of the United Arab Emirates; 975,700 residents (2013). Abu Dhabi, located on a small island in the Persian Gulf, has undergone rapid modernization and growth since the 1960s. The city has a modern port and an international airport, as well as a petrochemical, cement and light industry.

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