US 1 and 11 in New York

US 1 in New York

US 1
Get started New York
End Port Chester
Length 22 mi
Length 35 km
New Jersey

New York

New Rochelle

Port Chester


According to watchtutorials, US 1 is a US Highway in the US state of New York. The road runs through the south of the state, through the New York City metropolitan area. The route is 35 kilometers long.

Travel directions

US 1 joins Interstate 95 and US 9 via the George Washington Bridge onto Manhattan Island. The US 1 is therefore a highway here. The US 9 already exits on Manhattan in the form of Broadway, the US 1 and I-95 are still double-numbered as far as The Bronx. At Webster Avenue, US 1 exits and heads north through The Bronx. At Fordham Road, US 1 turns east, crossing the Bronx River Parkway. Then US 1 turns northeast again via Boston Road. It then leaves New York City and enters the suburb of Pelham Manor. One crosses the Hutchinson River Parkway here, and just after I-95. The road runs through the center of New Rochelle, a larger suburb, parallel to the coast of the Long Island Sound. The US 1 here is called the Boston Post Road, a historic road. It passes through the suburbs of Mamaroneck and Rye, then again crosses I-95 and Interstate 287, the city’s northern ring road. In Port Chester one crosses the border with Connecticut, after which the US 1 in Connecticut continues along the coast.


According to CITYPOPULATIONREVIEW, US 1 follows the Boston Post Road, a historic colonial-era route that was designed in 1673 to carry mail. In 1800, the Westchester Turnpike built US 1 onto a straighter route, which US 1 still follows today. It was a toll road at the time. In the mid-1800s, the road became toll-free, like most turnpikes of the era. The road was first numbered NY-1 in 1924. In 1926 the US Highway system was designed. US 1 then ran from Jersey City through Manhattan. In 1928 the Holland Tunnel opened, and then US 1 went through that tunnel. The George Washington Bridge was built in the 1930sfurther north, and US 1 along with US 9 was routed over that bridge. In 1977 the song was moved to Webster Avenue in the Bronx.

Traffic intensities

US 1 runs on the George Washington Bridge together with I-95 and US 9 and together transport 297,000 vehicles per day. The highway section through the Bronx carries 157,000 vehicles per day. This is of course less on the secondary road network, with about 20,000 vehicles per day, except via the Pelham Parkway where 50,000 vehicles drive. The US 1 has no ongoing importance or character, and the intensities are relatively low at 10,000 to 20,000.

US 11 in New York

US 11
Get started Corbettsville
End Rouses Point
Length 326 mi
Length 525 km










Rouses Point

US 11 is a US Highway in the US state of New York. The road forms a north-south route, and later an east-west route in the center and north of the state. The road enters the state at Riverside and then runs through Binghamton and Syracuse to Rouses Point on the Canadian border. Between the Pennsylvania border and Watertown, the road parallels Interstate 81 for a short distance. After Watertown, the road curves around the Adirondack Mountains. The route is 525 kilometers long.

Travel directions

US 11 at Syracuse.

Central New York

US 11 in Pennsylvania enters the state at Riverside on the east bank of the Susquehanna River, right next to Interstate 81. The area is hilly and semi-wooded. Just before the city of Binghamton there is a connection with Interstate 86. One then reaches the city of Binghamton, which has almost 50,000 inhabitants, but has an agglomeration of more than a quarter of a million. One intersects here with State Route 7, which forms a short highway to Interstate 88. One then crosses the Chenango River near downtown Binghamton and US 11 continues north and crosses I-86 again.

The road then runs a short distance north from I-81, intersecting it occasionally. The area is hilly, but not so wooded anymore. There are small villages on the route, but a slightly larger town is Cortland. The town has almost 20,000 inhabitants and is a regional center. US 11 runs through downtown Cortland. The village of Lafayette crosses US 20, an east-west axis from Buffalo to Albany. Not far after this one reaches the urban area of ​​Syracuse. The road runs through the center, where there are high-rise buildings. Then one crosses the Interstate 690. The road in Syracuse is largely a 2×2 divided highway. The road goes over theNew York State Thruway, which is formed here by Interstate 90. Then you cross State Route 481, a highway that leads to Oswego on Lake Ontario in the northwest. Not far after that, people leave the urban area again.

Northern New York

In Brewerton, one crosses the westernmost tip of Oneida Lake and US 11 continues north, parallel to Interstate 81.. You pass through small villages and the area becomes more densely wooded again. From time to time one crosses state routes, which form the underlying road network of the state. Large parts of US 11 are straight as an arrow. At Mannsville one crosses I-81 for the last time, although it continues to run parallel to it for about 30 kilometers. The area here is mainly sloping, the mountains are more to the east. One then reaches the city of Watertown, which has almost 30,000 inhabitants. The road runs through the old town center and then leaves the I-81 section. The road veers northeast, past Fort Drum, a major U.S. Army training ground. To the south and east are the hills and low mountains of the Adirondack Mountains. You then pass through the larger villages of Canton and Potsdam.Canada. After Malone you pass through an area with many wind turbines. At Champlain one crosses Interstate 87. The US 9 is also crossed here. At Rouses Point, US 2 terminates at US 11. It is also just a mile from the border with Vermont. US 11 also crosses the Canadian border at Rouses Point. Route 223 in Québec then continues to Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.


US 11 was created in 1926. The New York state route has not been modified since, but Interstate 81 was built in New York between 1956 and 1968, parallel to US 11, between the Pennsylvania border and Watertown. From Watertown to Champlain, US 11 is a crucial link, especially because there are no alternative highways in Upstate New York.

US 11 in New York

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