US 136 and 20 in Nebraska

US 136 in Nebraska

US 136
Begin Edison
End Brownville
Length 240 mi
Length 386 km



Red Cloud







According to existingcountries, US 136 is a US Highway in the US state of Nebraska. The road forms an east-west route in the south of the state and runs from US 6/US 34 in Edison parallel to the Kansas border through Beatrice to the Iowa border. The route is 386 kilometers long.

Travel directions

North of the village of Edison, US 136 begins at the intersection with US 6 which is [[double-numbered with US 34. The roads come from McCook and head towards Grand Island and Lincoln. The road then follows the Republican River, first southeast, later east. At the village of Alma you cross the US 183. The road here has long straights and more or less follows the grid pattern that occurs in this part of the state. At the village of Red Cloud you cross US 281. The road then continues its route east, through the flat to rolling areas with endless agricultural fields. At the village of Hebron one crosses the US 81, the major 2×2 highway from Salina in Kansas to York and Columbus in the north. You then pass through Fairbury, after which the road jumps slightly north to Beatrice, a regional town where you cross the US 77. The road then continues a little further north, further from the Kansas border, and then reaches Auburn, a village where one intersects US 75, the road from Topeka to Omaha. Not far after that, the road crosses the Missouri River, which also marks the border with the state of Missouri. US 136 in Missouri then continues towards Maryville.


US 136 was added to the network in 1951, but it ran no further west than St. Joseph at the time. In 1960, the route to US6/34 at Edison was extended as an east-west route through southern Nebraska. The US 136 has a minor passing interest. A little further south in Kansas, US 36 parallels.

Traffic intensities

Because the US 136 does not fulfill a through function, the road is very quiet, with usually no more than 600 vehicles per day between the villages. To the east the road is a bit busier, up to 2,000 vehicles at Beatrice, but the road actually remains very quiet.

US 20 in Nebraska

US 20
Get started Harrison
End South Sioux City
Length 428 mi
Length 689 km








South Sioux City


According to Anycountyprivateschools, US 20 is a US Highway in the US state of Nebraska. The road forms an east-west route through the north of the state and is 689 kilometers long.

Travel directions

US 20 on the border between Wyoming and Nebraska.

US 20 in Sioux County.

The road begins west of the village of Harrison on the Wyoming border . US 20 in Wyoming comes from Casper. The road runs here at an altitude of about 1500 meters through the completely treeless High Plains. One then passes through the desolate plains and low hills of western Nebraska. After about 90 kilometers you reach the village of Chadron, where you cross US 385, the road from Sydney in the south to Rapid City in South Dakota. You then pass through a very remote area, where the villages are tens of kilometers apart. The nearest parallel road to the south is 100 kilometers south. Agriculture hardly takes place here and the landscape consists of treeless rolling hills. The border with South Dakotais only about 6 kilometers to the north here.

The Bryan Bridge over the Niobrara River at Valentine.

After about 220 kilometers you reach the next somewhat larger town, Valentine. Here you cross US 83, the road from North Platte to Pierre, the capital of South Dakota. The road then bends slightly to the southeast, and US 183 from Winner merges at Long Pine. This double numbering doesn’t last long, and US 183 soon turns south toward Holdrege in the south of the state. In this area, agriculture is slowly starting to occur, mainly with circular irrigation. After about 80 kilometers you reach O’Neill, where you cross US 281, the road from Aberdeen in South Dakota to Grand Island in the south.

A little further on, US 275 exits toward Norfolk and Omaha. US 20 will then enter an area that is more habitable and that large-scale agriculture occurs. The distances are still quite large here, but you do pass through more villages. At the village of McLean, one crosses US 81, the road from Yankton in South Dakota to Norfolk and Columbus in the south. However, there are still not many trees here, and you pass through endless agricultural fields. One then reaches the valley of the Missouri River, meanwhile one has descended about 1,200 meters over the last 600 kilometers. The US 20 even becomes a highway and passes by South Sioux City, where the US 77crosses the road from Fremont and the capital Lincoln to Sioux City. Also, US 75 merges from Omaha and both roads cross the Missouri River, also the border with Iowa. US 20 in Iowa then continues towards Fort Dodge.


US 20 was created in 1926. The route has not changed significantly in Nebraska since then. The route traverses the very sparsely populated northern Nebraska. However, there are no highways in the area, so through east-west traffic on US 20 is a must. In 1932, the Bryan Bridge over the Niobrara River at Valentine opened to traffic. This has been called the ‘most beautiful bridge in Nebraska’. The dual numbering with I-129 at Sioux City opened to traffic on November 22, 1976.

Traffic intensities

US 20 is a very quiet road due to its remote nature, especially in the western part of the state. On most routes there are between 500 and 2,000 vehicles per day. The bridge over the Missouri is the busiest point with 20,000 vehicles.

US 20 in Nebraska

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