Vestiaire Collective Lands in Spain: a Bane for The Addicted to Fashion!

by | June 18, 2017

Do still you not know what Vestiaire Collective? It is the online platform of purchase and sale of fashion and accessories from high-end and luxury, but that is a big difference compared to the rest: have a team of experts in fashion concerned of certify the authenticity of the product. Well, this company comes to Spain and you can find everything!

Its founders, Sophie Hersan y Fanny Moizant, both addicted to fashion, along with Henrique Fernandes and Sébastien Fabre, wanted something new, they wanted to make a difference. And they have succeeded. Their business model is, first of all, in validate the authenticity of the products, don’t try counterfeit, and of course, that they are in very good condition. A typeface or a seam may be key. And second, get that vintage piece you take time trying to get, but that for one reason or another no longer available.

All parts go through Paris, where a team of specialists consisting of 22 people, are in charge of thoroughly study all products.

Vestiaire Collective is already in six countries: France, England, Germany, United States, Italy, and now Spain, where to find up to 4,000 new items every day There are also male proposals not only for women, and children. An authentic past! Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes, Balmain, Burberry, Saint Laurent, Chloé, Bvlgari, Cartier… an infinite number of signatures of high-end where to find limited editions, vintage parts and whims of season, to lower prices than the original (up to 70% less). A real downfall for the addicted to fashion!

Who buys? Everyone who can, that is clear, but many bloggers and influencers are addicted to this platform. I recommend that you give you a turn because the same thing you can come up with a few new Louboutin at half price.

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