What Colors Suit Brown? – We Will Learn Match with Finesse

by | December 6, 2016

Brown exudes calm and reliability

Brown as the main color is sadly quite rare. Brown suits often feels difficult to sustain, and suits all skin types, unfortunately, not brown. But once they are supported and combined with the right colors, then it will be really darn neat! But what colors should be combined?
Here are four colors to match brown, all should not be worn in the same way, so read on a bit.


I do not know how many times we said it here on the site and on Instagram, but brown and blue is one of the best color combinations available. It’s just black and white as narrowly trumps it, but it is only with the ease of access and situation to make. As color combination, I think blue and brown horse is lengths better.


Brown and Pink is a lovely combination that provides a welcoming and friendly charisma. Do you want to combine them so brown should be in the majority and pink as an accent color such as brown suit with pink tie, socks or pink.


The color that looks good with most things. Brown and white provides a nice combination of stability and playfulness. Classic brown suit with white shirt. But it can be combined in many more ways. A white polo to a pair of brown chinos for example, or the brown tie, belt and shoes, a white shirt and navy chinos, a bell!


Both olive green and clear green goes well with brown. Olive is better if you want the paint to fuse together while the clear green creates a nice contrast with the brown.

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