What is a Pochette? or Äggrätt Timeless Accessories?

No, pochette is not a kind äggrätt

As you can probably figure out the image above so Pochette a name for the amazing accessory breast handkerchief.

This simple but important accessory can do great deeds for your outfit, without either cost a lot or be difficult or uncomfortable to wear up.
Next to the clock so the breast handkerchief certainly both the most important and the most effective accessory.

How you turn a pochette?

To make your life easier, we have compiled everything you need to know about how to fold a pochette / handkerchief in our guide: ” How to fold a handkerchief?”. There are video guides on how to fold the 5 most classic styles. Among other things, don drapers iconic straight folding.

Shall Pochettes matching shirt and tie?

This is a really interesting question. If you search for images on pochettes so you can find thousands of well arranged images where Pochettes and tie the match to perfection. So it’s easy to believe that the idea is that they should match. But it is simply a misunderstanding too many have.

One sees immediately that outfit on the left has more finesse. The right is very similar to someone standing in a hotel reception, or work at a bank. To create a good balance in your outfit so you should always match Pochettes with the shirt, no tie or bow tie!

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