Why Buy Brand Handbags Is of Grandmothers

by | June 22, 2017

The NPD Group market research firm published this week a report on American women buy handbags. Market studies are usually rather boring, but this was kept a surprise.
The great discovery was the buying habits of women between 18 and 34 years, the so-called Millenials. Unlike previous generations, as baby boomers, young women take the purchase of one bag seriously.

Surprisingly, they are more practical: more than the name brand or striking design, imported les bag features. Before you go shopping, they have clear size, material, weight, quality. Don’t buy on impulse or blocked by the prestige of the brand. In fact no matter you buy lesser-known brands if they are able to give an answer to what you are looking for.

Spend you more time on the process: 41% of the millennial begins to search for information on your next handbag a month or more before buying. The first source of information is the internet: the websites of brands, blogs, social networks. 61% uses it.

However where really is the brands play it is in stores. A good experience at the point of sale is what allows them to earn loyalty of these buyers as rational, but not immune to the emotional aspects.

The classic Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag

Why are so many differences in the millennial shopping habits? Perhaps because they are the generation of the crisis. Also hard to young Americans to find good jobs commensurate with their education and aspirations. At the same time, they have access to lots of information about brands, trends, prices, quality. In other words, they have the need and the means for the purchase of a bag be taken more seriously than their mothers and grandmothers.

What has not changed is the importance of the handbag. For the millennial remains an important accessory, one that defines and communicates their identity, whose purchase is seen as one investment rather than an expense. Therefore it is an important article for the development of a brand, especially small.

PS1 bag helped launch the brand Proenza Shouler.

Although it may seem that our choices are very individual and defined only by our tastes, in fact we are not so special, surely there’s more people buying in the same way as us. I, for example, buy bags as an American millennial, although my ID says I’m not. But surely you ID is not in line with your purchasing habits.

Photos: Gtres, Chanel, Proenza Shouler