Why Rain Is Actually All Over the “Period Tea” on American Apparel?

The society in which I live is always suspect to me. In many ways. Since a period T shirt suddenly becomes the devil, men shoot massive puke through the esophagus and girls give yourself horribly offended, feel that what they see, as disgusting. Vomiting and outrage because one of the most natural operations of the God damn world. Welcome to the year 2013. I wonder now: these men probably have sex with real women and real vaginal, vaginal which once have to bleed the whole snot there in a month? And said girls stuff themselves every day and without interruption with hormone pills, to permanently escape the Satan of the uterus skin scraps of mucus? The excessive sexualization brought because really nothing every pore of the public as skewed images of women and Beate Uhse shops in the pedestrian? 

Good, I would like to keep me also no mirror between your legs while I change my OB. I would rather amputate the abdomen out and neither see nor feel, what there is is. But I have to second. Like any woman approaching menopause. Thanks to the American Apparel shirts, finally all penis makers can see how it looks without searching for the appropriate fetish at YouPorn. Maybe will help’s Yes what – PMS is real and looks in pictures like this, just most of the time without so much hair on it.

The question of whether a T-Shirt like that now is in order or not, does not arise me therefore at all. Nobody must buy, wear, or even nice find. Who is it does have a serious mockiert meets with me misunderstanding in the bone. There are people who wear Osama on her chest, because any feistes high street label is that wonderfully funny. Others prefer the breasts by Kate Moss and also a great, erected pan will ever stood around the car next to me. Miley Cyrus drives on stage with plush Bunny, as the Greens struggle with their pedophile past. When Big Brother is each with each, before running camera. And then it is capable of so a T-Shirt yet, to shock people?

There are things that are really sucks. For example, the taboo of all-embracing femininity. To exactly those one nunmal even period blood. Bunch of AA are also printed on shirts, even with eyes on it and ears on it. Does interfere with’s not because AA is funny. To understand someone times. I tus not and order me now this T-Shirt so I can wear it during my monthly PMS phase of self – and external protection.